Aubergine Gratin (V)    8.50
Parmesan, mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil. (gd)

Mixed Vegetarian Platter for Two (V)     16.95
Hummus, baked camembert, olives, cauliflower fritters, aubergine  caponata, tzatziki, foccacia. (gd)

Add a selection of Italian Parma ham & salami + 3.95

Bruschetta Siciliana (VV)    7.95
Heritage tomato, garlic, basil, extra virgin olive oil. Artichoke puree, toasted pinenuts. (gn)

Four Ducks     8.95
Duck mousse with madeira jelly, pulled duck, smoked breast
scratchings, balsamic beetroot pickle, focaccia. (g)

Crispy Calamari Salad     9.95
Chilli ginger vinaigrette, rocket, crispy “seaweed”. (sg)

Beef Carpaccio and Parmesan     9.50
Garlic, fresh chilli, soy sauce, rocket, crispy shallots, extra virgin olive oil. (d)

Salmon and Crab Fried “Sushi”     10.95
Fresh salmon, crab, rocket, nori, in tempura batter. Wasabi, ponzu dipping sauce. (sg)

Tuna Carpaccio     10.95
Soy caviar, arugula, smoked cod taramasalata. (gd)

Wood Fired Garlic & Mozzarella Foccacia (gd) (V)     5.95

Garlic Foccacia (gd) or Rosemary Foccacia (g) or Marinated Olives 3.95


If you have a food allergy, please talk to a member of staff before ordering. Due to the large range of ingredients that we use in our kitchen, we cannot absolutely guarantee that any of our dishes is allergen free, even though we take extreme care. Many of our vegetarian choices can be made vegan on request.
V = vegetarian, VV = vegan, (g) = contains gluten, (d) = contains dairy, (n) = contains nuts, (s) = seafood