Lunch Specials

Available until 6pm

Chicken Caesar Salad     14.50
Marinated grilled chicken, salad leaves, fresh parmesan, Caesar anchovy dressing. Foccaccia. (sgd)

Salmon Salad     15.50
Smoked salmon, salmon & crab fried “sushi”, leaves, cucumber, radish, caesar dressing. Foccaccia. (sgd)

Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Salad     14.50
Roast mixed beets, fried goats cheese, candied pecan nuts, mixed leaves, honey mustard vinaigrette. Foccaccia. (gdn)

Rump Steak Burger     14.75
With pancetta, mozzarella, smoked chilli aioli, Salad or Fries (gd)

Crispy Confit Duck Burger     14.75
With hoisin BBQ sauce, smoked chilli aioli, pickled cucumber, Salad or Fries (gd)

Pasta de Giorno     14.50



Wood roast ratatouille     4.00
Mixed salad     4.00
Sautéed vegetables (g)     4.00
Arancini (d)     4.00
Fries     4.00
Truffled macaroni cheese (gd)     7.50
Truffled parmesan fries (d)     7.50

If you have a food allergy, please talk to a member of staff before ordering. Due to the large range of ingredients that we use in our kitchen, we cannot absolutely guarantee that any of our dishes is allergen free, even though we take extreme care. Many of our vegetarian choices can be made vegan on request.
V = vegetarian, VV = vegan, (g) = contains gluten, (d) = contains dairy, (n) = contains nuts, (f) = fish, (c) = crustacea, (m) = mollusc.